If you’ve ridden the Haunted Mansion ride at Walt Disney World, you’re going to want to check out Chase Dillon’s new movie! He stars as Travis, a kid who moves into a creepy mansion with his mom in Haunted Mansion, which hit theaters on July 28, 2023. The chance to be in a Disney movie is a dream come true for Chase, who has wanted to act since he was young.

“When I was 7, I had an actual dream about being on stage and acting and shared these dreams with my parents,” Chase revealed in an interview from October 2022. “And, when I turned 8, that is when it all began!”

Talk about manifestation! Keep reading to meet Chase, get details on his movie roles and more. 

Who Is Chase Dillon?

The Haunted Mansion star was born on October 16, 2009, and grew up in Louisiana. His debut role came when he starred in The First Wives Club TV series. From there, he booked various television and film projects, including the 2023 adaptation of Haunted Mansion.

“Chase is so brilliant, so talented, so present, and giving. His improv levels, his confidence, his assuredness, and his preparedness is something I haven’t seen from grown adults who’ve been in this industry forever,” Rosario Dawson, who played his mom in Haunted Mansion, gushed to ComicBook.com in July 2023. “He shows up and we maximize that time on set, except for when we get caught in storytelling. But that would happen with all of the actors on set. Storytime between us, [director] Justin Simien would be like, ‘Let’s go.’ But it was remarkable.”

Chase Dillon Is the 2023 'Haunted Mansion' Star! His Age, Roles and More
Photo Courtesy of Disney

Who Does Chase Dillon Play in ‘Haunted Mansion’?

The young star takes on the role of Travis, who moves into the haunted New Orleans home with his mom, Gabbie. Throughout the film, he gets a first-look at the 999 ghosts living on the property.

“It’s really beautiful for me to see a young Black kid with so much grace and integrity and a family unit that really supports him and is behind him,” LaKeith Stanfield praised during a Haunted Mansion behind-the-scenes video. Chase added, “LaKeith is my big bro. The brothership that me and him have we put that into our characters.”

What Has Chase Dillon Starred In?

Other than his first role in The First Wives Club, the young star can also be seen in Little America, The Underground Railroad, The Harder They Fall, Saint X and, of course, Haunted Mansion.

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