There’s nothing stronger than the power of friendship, just ask Jack Dylan Grazer and Zach Galifianakis! The actors chatted about their upcoming Disney film, Ron’s Gone Wrong, in a featurette for the movie, and J-14 has an exclusive first look.

The animated flick tells the story of a seventh-grader named Barney who, according to Jack “just wants to fit in.” So, for his birthday, Barney’s dad buys him the popular B*bot, which promises to be “your best friend out of the box.” Different than the other Bots, this one — named Ron — has a defective wiring system which makes him curious, loyal and infinitely supportive of Barney.

“Ron was designed for connection in this modern world. When the bot gets damaged, things get glitchy, fast,” Zach says in the J-14 exclusive clip. “Luckily, these two unlikely pals will teach each other the true meaning of friendship if they don’t get deleted or crushed first.”

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Once it becomes public knowledge that Barney’s Bot, Ron, is different from the rest. The COO of the B*bot tech company, Bubble, attempts to capture Ron and “fix” him. Of course, there are tons of adventures along the way.

“I guess I related to him on a personal level. I remember what it felt like to go on to the join recess, and you’re the only one without the thing that everybody else had the air pods or iPod Nano. So I definitely could relate to that,” Jack said in an interview with The Digital Fix about taking the role. “Everybody’s going to have been there, or felt like the oddball, the odd one out, the ugly duck. … That’s a classic Underdog Story. And I think kind of all of us are on the hero’s journey, and we all kind of feel like the underdog at least once in our lives.”

Aside from Jack and Zach, Liam Payne worked closely with the movie. Not only did he make official Ron’s Gone Wrong song, titled “Sunshine,” but the singer also had a voice role in the movie.

“I got to go in and do a couple of voices — really light and easy for me. I didn’t do a hell of a but it was a lot of fun,” Liam shared at the movie’s premiere. “I left my own voice in there to see if my son [Bear] could spot it and it was quite fun.”

Ron’s Gone Wrong hits theaters on Friday, October 22. 

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