Celebrate spooky season with the stars of the new Disney+ series Just Beyond. Based on the writings of Goosebumps author, R.L. Stine, the eight-episode anthology series tells a different story throughout each installment.

Starring Gabriel Bateman (as Jack in episode 2), Jy Prishkulnik (as Luna in episode 3), Megan Stott (as Olivia in episode 4), Lexi Underwood (as Ella in episode 6) and Cedric Joe (as Sam in episode 8), among other notable names, the series — which premiered all episodes via the streaming service on Wednesday, October 13 — tells stories teaching important lessons from just beyond the realm of reality.

When it came to bringing the series to life, executive producer and creator Seth Grahame-Smith was the mastermind behind taking R.L.’s writings from the page to the screen.

“Somebody came to my office holding a copy of a graphic novel and said, ‘Hey, what do you think of, you know, doing this R.L. Stine graphic novel as a TV series?’ And that was immediately intriguing just because of the R.L. Stine of it all,” Seth, 45, tells J-14 exclusively ahead of the Just Beyond premiere. “Also, because the idea of doing an anthology series where you get to tell a different story every episode, and you don’t have to worry about, season arcs or character growth … I mean, the stuff that you have to think about in almost any other television show. So, it just seemed like a lot of fun and it, it turned out to be a lot of fun.”

Of course, when filming a horror show set to air before Halloween, there’s sure to be tons of spooky happenings on set.

“We actually filmed in [Atlanta’s] Fox Theatre,” Lexi, 18, explains. “There were a couple of nights scenes, and especially when we get into like the second half of the episode — to all the creepy haunted demon skull stuff — that in the Fox Theatre with really dim lighting and smoke coming from the ground was terrifying within itself. … I was terrified sometimes. I actually forgot I was filming. So, that was probably like the scariest part.”

While Megan, 18, didn’t have anything particularly scary happen to her while filming, when she went back and watched her episode — titled “My Monster” — the actress did get a little spooked!

“I will say, when I’ve watched my episode, I actually did get scared and I did jump a few times,” the Yes Day star recalls. “I was actually kind of surprised [about it], because I was like, ‘This isn’t scary to me,’ but then I watched it. I was like, ‘Actually, this is a little creepy.'”

Scroll through our gallery for an exclusive look at the Just Beyond characters. 

All episodes of Just Beyond are available for streaming via Disney+ starting Wednesday, October 13.

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