He’s come a long way from his Descendants days! Thomas Doherty may be known for his role as Harry Hook in the Disney Channel film franchise, but he’s done so much since then.

“Disney is such a huge platform and there’s a lot of exposure, so it definitely gave me that. It was my first time on a movie set, which was really exciting,” the actor told Variety in August 2021. “Americans love Disney. They go mad for Disney, so that was interesting: getting stopped on the street and asked for pictures and stuff.”

While growing up in Scotland, the actor had different life goals. Instead of acting, he was going to be a soccer star.

“I wanted to be a soccer player. I loved soccer. That was a very British thing — you want to be a soccer player when you’re older,” he told Glamour in July 2021. “I gradually gravitated toward acting. … I think I watched Titanic and saw Leo [DiCaprio] when I was like 12 and thought, ‘Oh, I can do that! That looks fun.’ But there was never a moment, like, ‘I’m going to be an actor.’ It was a very gradual evolution. Still to this day, I feel like that. I always feel kind of weird when I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m an actor.’ I don’t really perceive it that way. It’s like, I act for now kind of thing. I love doing it and hope I continue to do it.”

Once the final Descendants film premiered in August 2019, Thomas’ dream came true and he continued to be cast in various TV shows and movies. In summer 2021, he became the breakout star of the new Gossip Girl on HBO Max.

“I just take it as it comes, honestly,” Thomas told Glamour about his growing fame. “I think the last [Gossip Girl] was so impactful because of the time. I feel like, now, with social media, with the saturation of content, I don’t think it’s going to be so intense. Honestly, I didn’t really think about it. I just wait and see. I turn up, have as much fun as I can on set, and what will be will be.”

After part one of Gossip Girl‘s inaugural season premiered, it was announced in October 2021 that Thomas would be starring in the horror movie The Bride. That’s not the only project that the Disney alum has on the horizon! Scroll through our gallery for a breakdown of Thomas’ upcoming projects. 

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