He’s still out here making music! Jacob Sartorius released his debut single, “Sweatshirt,” in 2016, and hasn’t stopped dropping songs since. In fact, his Sleep When Im Dead EP dropped in 2022 and it was a different vibe for the musician.

“These lyrics came directly from my journal and they are the most accurate documentation of my thought process and how I’m feeling,” he told Forbes of the songs in August 2022. “I’m excited for people to hear it, and honestly a little nervous for them to hear it but that’s because it’s sharing real experiences.”

The music came off the helm of Jacob’s decision to put time and effort into caring for his mental health.

“When I got to that place where I didn’t want to get out bed, where the people around me were worried for me and I didn’t think there was much ahead for me. That was the moment that was either going to break me for good or it was going to teach me that I don’t want to go back to this place,” he told the publication. “I needed to find ways to naturally be happy and find resources that will be by my side and not abandon me. Fear of abandonment is a big fear of mine.”

Because he got his start on social media, Jacob felt the immense pressures of continuing to use the apps. However, he’s since come up with tactics that help calm his anxieties.

“I have a rule with myself where for the first hour of the day there’s no social media. I’ve followed that for pretty much over six months,” Jacob shared while chatting with GQ in January 2022. “It helped me not get caught up, and not get my anxiety going too early. And most of the time I’m posting my own stuff. But, of course I’m guilty of scrolling for hours on some days.”

Because he’s experienced “a ton of cyberbullying,” Jacob tries to stay away from the comments. However, if a negative one jumps out at him, he tries to “have compassion for somebody that’s actually hating on us, it can be a pretty powerful thing.”

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