Jake Paul dated Saxon Sharbino when he first moved to Los Angeles several years ago and now the Team 10 patriarch is getting her back in his life. Well, getting her back on camera with him. The pair went for a drive together and talked about their relationship. It’s a bit awkward and we can’t help but think Jake decided this was a good idea because it would rack up millions of views. REGARDLESS, he apparently met Saxon at her birthday party and their whole conversation is awkward AF to be honest. The former couple relives their first date, tries to figure out why they broke up and why they are still friends. Really though, it’s all super cringy.

Even though Saxon was Jake’s second girlfriend, he was really shaking in his boots when he decided to go to her birthday celebration. He told her, “I was like nervous to go to your birthday party. It was literally the first night I lived in Los Angeles. We like took a picture and I remember I was like, ‘Oh my god, she’s so hot.'”

Saxon replied, “Aw, thanks. I was impressed with your confidence. I thought you were like very confident.” Clearly, things haven’t changed much. It’s safe to say that Jake probably has gained even more confidence than he had back then which is pretty insane to think about it. He continued the chat asking, “Do I remember our first date? Do you remember our first date?”

She said, “Yeah. it was Vidcon.” You’re kidding. For the first time in literally ever, Jake said exactly what everyone watching was thinking. “Vidcon? How is that a date?” LOL, seriously. How and why was that an acceptable first date? But, Saxon bought his charm because she liked the hang out sesh at Vidcon. They don’t give very many details about what they actually did there, but Jake completely swooned her.

One thing she wasn’t too amused by during their relationship was when Jake would tell her that she looks like Lindsay Lohan. We definitely have to disagree on this one. Saxon actually looks a lot like Jake’s other ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet. They both have blonde hair, a bubbly personality and the same kind of facial features. There’s no doubt about it that Jake has a type when it comes to the ladies.

The best story from the entire creepy car ride conversation was about their break up. It just goes to show how young and naive Jake really was. From what we can tell, it seems like he just let her get away and she’s still confused about it. Saxon started by saying, “You were like my first boyfriend, like the first guy I liked. So I think it’s like, we had a very sweet, innocent relationship…When we broke up I didn’t actually think we were going to break up because I texted him something like ‘I’m just not the girl for you.’ And you were like ‘okay'”. WTF Jake. We’re going to take a wild guess here but that’s probably not something any girl wants to hear. But, the pair really are still friends. I mean, you kind of have to be close with your ex if you think riding around together, getting Taco Bell and talking about your old relationship is a good idea. Or you could just be Jake Paul.

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