Jake Paul is notorious for making things up in his daily vlogs but this time he's telling the truth about writing a song with big-time rapper, Gucci Mane. Fans weren't completely sure what was going on when Jake and Gucci were caught hanging out in the studio during his recent trip to New York City. But, finally we've got some answers and the duo apparently just created a hit that all of the Jake Paulers AND fans of the rap world are going to go nuts over. Apparently.

Jake shared a video with his 10 million subscribers where he's actually hanging out with Gucci and his crew. Like, this is not a joke you guys. The world will soon be blessed with a Gucci/Jake collaboration. I never thought I'd write that sentence, ever. But, here we are. Jake gets up close and personal with Gucci, literally sticking his camera in the rapper's face because this is vlogging time.

Gucci says, "Hey man, shoutout to all the Jake Paulers out there man from Guwop." But, Gucci can't have all the camera time so Jake cuts in and says, "Yo, I don't think they are ready for this track though. They're not ready."

The camera swings back over to Gucci in a whirl of dizziness and he explains, "No, this song right here is a hit. Listen. If y'all sleeping on Jake Paul y'all finna know, we got a banger. Serious man." Jake ends the bizarre little segment by saying, "I wouldn't lie to you." THE FAMOUS LAST WORDS. Okay, Jake but didn't you just say to the New York Times that your relationship with Erika Costell was all fake and you were never actually dating even though you made your millions of subscribers believe you were? But, I DIGRESS.

There's no telling when this so-called hit is going to make it to the airwaves, but we're pretty excited because we can't imagine what the track will sound like. And if anyone was even remotely still unsure that Jake had made it this big to work with Gucci, the YouTuber confirmed the story on Instagram. He posted a photo after getting a new thigh tattoo and the caption read, "NYC was lit?made a song with Gucci Mane @laflare1017 (coming soon) had some BIG business meetings, got tatted with my boy @imanthonytruj , met a ton of Jake Paulers, ate some bagels, & much more. In Miami now & Italy soon??so until next time New York???."

Thigh tattoos, Gucci collaborations, New York bagels, oh my. Jake is on a mission for a total Internet, music and rap world take over. To be honest, he's not doing a bad job. The fact that he even got a meeting with Gucci is an accomplishment in and of itself. Fingers crossed this collaboration comes out sooner rather than later. Literally, all we can picture right now is Gucci and Jake suited up and sitting next to each other at next year's Grammys. Can you imagine?

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