On Thursday, June 18, Jeffree Star took to Twitter and issued a lengthy apology after a series of old “offensive” and “derogatory” photos surfaced online.

For those who missed it, the YouTuber explained that from 2004 to 2006, he created a “website splash page” which included a “slang term” and a “VERY graphic photo of me cutting and bleeding.”

“It was offensive, derogatory and for shock value. It does not reflect who I am today or what I stand for or have EVER stood for,” he wrote in a statement on Twitter. “I will always be deeply sorry to anyone who had to see that and will continue to be sorry for all the dumb vile s**t I’ve said in my past.”

He continued, “I will always agree with canceling the Jeffree from 10-15 years old. That person is long gone. But I’m also extremely proud of owning an inclusive makeup brand where I celebrate all races and genders. I won’t let me past overshadow who I am today and will always use my platform to spread awareness and only show inclusivity. I want to apologize and say sorry again to anyone who I offended with my past actions. I will always be sorry.”

Jeffree concluded by asking “anyone who has reposted or shared the image of me cutting myself to please stop.”

As fans know, his apology came a few days after fellow YouTuber Kameron Lester accused the influencer of treating him like “the token Black kid.” During a 27-minute Instagram Live, which was reposted as an IGTV to his account, the beauty guru opened up about why he will “no longer support” Jeffree or his products. He explained that he became friends with the makeup mogul after he modeled for his company, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, but that Jeffree never followed through with his promises to Kameron.

“I don’t want to monetize this, I don’t want any gain from this. The only gain I want is peace and my truth, and this is my personal truth … Everyone has their own truth and they might perceive things differently and that’s okay,” he said. “As a Black beauty boy I have fought for my spot to even just be heard and be seen in the beauty community. I have been told not to say anything just to keep the network and benefit from it. I’m just not that type of person. I’ve been processing this for months. I’ve never said anything on my platforms … But silence is complicit.”

Jeffree has yet to publicly address Kameron’s claims.

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