Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have been pretty hush-hush when it comes to their relationship. Ever since they started dating in 2017, we’ve barely gotten any pics of the couple, and the details about their romance have been pretty scarce. It’s been a struggle for us Jaylor shippers, TBH. Well, the actor has finally explained the reason behind why they’re so tight-lipped about their relationship, and it actually makes a lot of sense.

Speaking to Mr. Porter’s The Journal on Thursday, January 17, 2019, the actor explained that their secrecy is actually pretty normal to him. “I don’t think anyone you meet on the streets would just spill their guts out to you, and therefore why should I?” he said. “And then that is defined as being ‘strangely private.’ Fine. But I don’t think it is. I think it’s normal.”

OK, so although we definitely see his point, we still low-key wish he’d give us a little insight on the relationship. It’s only natural when two of your favorite stars get together that you’d wanna know some details, right? But don’t worry guys, although they’ve kept quiet about the relationship, that certainly doesn’t mean that they’re not very much in love.

J-14 readers know that although the two do their best not to get photographed together, there have been a few times that the paparazzi caught the pair on an outing. Not to mention the fact that they’re always supporting each others work. Like when the 27-year-old was spotted supporting Taylor at a few stops along her Reputation Stadium Tour last year, for example. Or the time that the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer tried to stay low-key at her beau’s movie premiere! Fans also noticed that Taylor, 28, was snapped wearing a “J” necklace back in 2017.

How sweet! We guess we’re just going to have to take what we can get with them!

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