Joe Jonas dropped a bombshell on Sunday afternoon when he announced that he was engaged to his girlfriend, Sophie Turner. Fangirls everywhere freaked the eff out. Joe and Sophie have only publicly been dating for just under a year and absolutely no one saw this coming. It felt like it was 2009 again because a Jonas brother had actually made the Internet explode. Lots of celebrities took to their own social media accounts and the comments section of Joe and Sophie's Instagram posts to congratulate the happy couple on the good news.

However, there were a few notable names we haven't seen trying to reach out to Joe during this time – Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin. Of course, there's no shade here. Gigi dated Joe two years ago but ever since they broke up, they never really kept in contact – or so we think. But, the editors here at J-14 can't help but wonder what Gigi and the group chat with her three besties consisted of when the engagement announcement made its way through cyberspace.

So, we decided to speculate on our own. To be clear, we didn't hack Gigi, Hailey, Bella or Kendall's phones to find these screenshots. We merely tried to figure out what they would have said to each other when they found out. It's all speculation and it's not real – although we'd like to think we hit some of their verbiage pretty freaking accurately. First off, for some reason, we have a feeling that these four girls have a group chat named, Model Babies ????. There's really no rhyme or reason why but there's just an inkling hovering over our heads that this is something they'd call themselves.

We also thought that Hailey would be the one to break the news to the group. She'd also send a screenshot of Joe's Instagram because no group chat full of girls is ever complete without sneaky screenshots.

screen shot

Of course, Gigi answers first. But, she doesn't care she's just really, really curious about it. She did date Joe after all – remember, G.I. Joe was a real thing, you guys. While the relationship may have only lasted several months, sources claimed that they would remain friends. An insider told People magazine, "Nothing serious happened…it wasn't a dramatic breakup. It was just hard to make it work with their schedules. They will definitely remain friends." Whether or not that's true, we might never know.

But, as our speculation has it, the girls were definitely freaking out over Joe's engagement in the group. We think Kendall would have been the one to compare it to her sister Kim Kardashian's engagement ring to downplay the massive rock on Sophie's finger.

screen shot 2

Gigi would have admitted that she can't imagine planning a wedding. Bella would have asked her if Joe ever talked about marriage while they were dating. Hailey's input would just be in there comedic relief.

screen shot 3

The girls would wonder how Joe proposed to Sophie which is something we're all thinking about at the moment. Of course, when girls get going, their imaginations can be ridiculous and exaggerated. Think Camp Rock proposal speculation or Sophie chomping down on a ring that was stuck inside of a piece of cake while they both ate it by the ocean. LOL. That's what we think the girls would have chatted about.

screen shot 4

Obviously, they can't be on their phones all day long. You know, they are ~models~ after all. The banter would have ended with Gigi trying to get more info about the whole thing from Taylor Swift and Hailey sending everyone off with the name the world is about to hear a whole lot more of, Sophie future Mrs. Jonas.

screen shot 5

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