Joey King might be reaching heights in the acting world, but the Kissing Booth star’s own height is pretty short. See photos of the short queen being towered over by her fellow costars and actors.

“I’m a shortie,” she said in a Wired interview from July 2020 when asked about her height. “I’m not very tall. I wasn’t blessed with tall genes. I’m like 5-foot-three. No big deal. It’s whatever, just, thanks grandma, whatever.” LOL!

Even though her height stops short, her acting chops certainly don’t! The actress has been booked and busy since her Kissing Booth days — she has starred in The In-Between, The Princess and Bullet Train in 2022 alone! Along with that, she is set to star in Camp, Uglies, A Spark of Light, and an unnamed Netflix romcom movie starring herself, Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman. She also tried her hand at voice acting, as she voices Fred in Disney Channel’s Hamster & Gretel.

“It is so fun!” Joey gushed after being asked what it was like to act in so many different roles. “Especially, by the way, Hamster & Gretel has been great. Because throughout the last year, between all the things I’ve been doing, I’ve had to find time to record sessions for Hamster & Gretel; in between these little pockets of time that I have, which has been such a nice change of pace. I love that show. It’s hilarious,” she revealed to Screen Rant in July 2022.

She continued, “And filming Bullet Train? My God, how do you even sum up that experience? It seems like … was that even me? I got to be an assassin in a Brad Pitt action movie that filmed in Los Angeles, and I played a cool character. It’s just larger than life. I can’t believe I got to be part of it, and I’m just savoring all these really cool milestones.”

Very cool indeed! Scroll through our gallery to see all of the times Joey’s fellow costars and actors towered over the short actress. 

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