After growing up in the spotlight on Dance MomsJoJo Siwa‘s iconic ponytail became synonymous with her image. However, the Nickelodeon star has made many hair changes since her dance days!

In June 2022, JoJo shocked the world by cutting off her ponytail. JoJo revealed to Entertainment Tonight that she expected to get some reaction from her new ‘do, but did not expect people to freak out like they did.

“It’s hilarious. I knew it would be a shock to people … I knew it was going to be like, ‘Oh my gosh, JoJo put her hair down,’ because people just don’t see that. But I also did not expect it to go as crazy as it did,” she explained. She also made sure fans knew that just because she ditched her ponytail does not mean she ditched her hair bow collection. “The bow will never be over,” she stated. “I mean, the bow is my life. I loved it ever since I was little. It’s become who I am.”

However, JoJo decided to get hair extensions a few months later and rocked the long hair for a few weeks … Until she changed it up once again.

This time, with help from her girlfriend, Avery CyrusJoJo is back to the pixie cut! In a video posted to TikTok, the Dance Moms alum sat while Avery began snipping off “big chunks” of her hair with a pair of scissors. “I was very scared every single time, but you know what? It’s eventually gotta get there,” JoJo said. “We just kept going.”

While her haircut was looking a “little janky” at first, JoJo said Avery was able to even it out and “in the end, it turned out amazing.” The end reveal was a chic pixie cut similar to the one she rocked earlier this year. According to JoJo, the entire process took three hours.

“I wasn’t sure how it was gonna turn out… BUT IM SO HAPPY AVERY CRUSHED ITTTTTT,” the “Boomerang” singer captioned a TikTok montage of her hair transformation.

Scroll through our gallery to see photos of JoJo’s hair transformation throughout the years.

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