These New Jersey natives have become total stars! Thanks to their multiple successful albums and stint on Disney Channel, the Jonas Brothers have become household names. Now, Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas are raking in the cash. When it comes to making money, the trio have pretty hefty net worths together and apart. Keep reading for details on the Jonas Brothers net worths. 

What Are the Jonas Brothers’ Net Worths?

As a group, the Jonas Brothers have a combined estimated net worth of $150 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. During the early days of their career, becoming a boy band almost ruined the family financially.

“Singing about girls started to become, like, a bit of an issue,” Nick shared during the Jonas Brothers’ 2019 Chasing Happiness documentary. “I started to realize that our dream that we were chasing freaked a lot of people out in church. It’s a totally different lifestyle than I think they expected a pastor’s son to be in.”

The boys’ dad, Paul Jonas, resigned from his job as a pastor after, as Kevin explained, “we weren’t making a Christian album.”

“Having the pressure to go out there and tour to make money became a different reality setting in, like, we have to do this so we can survive,” Joe recalled in the documentary. “Rather than this just being like we were out there doing it when it was, like, free and fun. And that’s a lot of pressure for somebody that age.”

Then, money stopped being a problem for the family once they blew up.

How Do the Jonas Brothers Make Money?

Together, Nick, Kevin and Joe make their money with their various albums and tours, not to mention their brief but lucrative 2022 residency in Las Vegas. Nick, for one, makes his money as a solo artist and actor. Joe, for his part, also sings in the group DNCE. Finally, Kevin had a reality show with his wife Danielle Jonas and now hosts the reality competition show Claim to Fame alongside his youngest brother, Frankie Jonas.

Scroll through our gallery for a breakdown of the Jonas Brothers’ net worths. 

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