On this season of Dancing With the Stars, the one and only Jordan Fisher of Liv and Maddie and Teen Beach 3 was crowned the first place Mirrorball champion alongside his partner Lindsay Arnold. Jordan took to social media to express his gratitude and excitement with fans.

"There aren’t words to describe the feeling of going through BATTLE with my SISTER. Putting in all the time and effort and energy for 12 weeks, then to be rewarded for it after having the most incredible time?! Unbelievable. This is for you all. Thank you thank you thank you," Jordan wrote.

Jordan was brought to tears after his last performance on the show when judge Len Goodman praised him by saying, "I think you are the most complete male celebrity ever on Dancing with the Stars." YEP, that happened.

On the show, Jordan opened up about his family history like never before. The triple threat, who has had the honor to star in Hamilton on Broadway, was actually raised by his grandparents – that is, until they legally adopted Jordan and became his mother and father. For the "Most Memorable Year Week" on DWTS, Jordan naturally picked 2005 – the year his adoption papers were officially signed.

How did Jordan decide to tell his adoption story on DWTS?

We caught up with Jordan, and he opened up to us about how he knew it was the right time to tell his story. Turns out, he actually told his DWTS partner Lindsay about his family history on the very first day he met her. From then on, their friendship was a strong one.

Jordan exclusively told J-14, "It's so funny because my walls are pretty high. It's just something that happens over years of being in this world and this industry. It's hard for me to let people in, I think, rightfully so. I think it's smart for me to be that way. From day one, we both knew we were gonna be friends forever. We immediately clicked, immediately connected. From the very first episode, our first meeting we went from their to go get lunch and just shared our entire life stories with each other. I told her about my whole family thing, my whole adoption story, about my girlfriend. She told me about her husband and her family and that dynamic. And from that point, we just started blending our two worlds and our lives together."

The idea of his story being private quickly changed when he was asked to share about the most memorable year of his life on the show.

The star continued, "It's a story that makes me who I am. It's a story that is a 23-year-old one. I feel the way that I feel about family and I have good goals that I do in terms of me wanting to be an excellent father and great husband and all those things because of the environment that I grew up in, because of my parents. If you've seen the episode, you see how important they are to me and how much they mean to me, my brother and my little sister and so forth. It could've been anything. Ultimately, I never shared that story because my mentality was 'Why does anybody need to know?' It's nobody else's business. This is my story. This is what makes me me. Nobody needs to know this about me."

Jordan felt that if he was going to tell the story, he wanted it to happen the right way – and the right way just so happened to be telling it clearly, in his own words, and followed by a truly beautiful performance with his parents watching in the audience.

"Then, when Dancing asked me what my most vulnerable year was, I very quickly said 2005 and I knew why off the bat. I was like 'Okay, well, if this is going to happen, I want it to happen this way. I want to tell the story the right way. I want it to be done tastefully, respectfully, clearly, and to be able to cap it with a piece of art that means so much to me. A piece that Lindsay got to create that she developed with me and my heart and my soul in mind and my family. It really kind of let me pay respect and homage to my family. I'm so happy it happened the way it did," Jordan added.

As it turns out, telling his adoption story wasn't just beneficial to his own family. Rather, it helped so many people watching at home. Jordan opened up to us about all of the sweet fans that have thanked him for telling his story, as it reminds them they they are not alone with their own family situations.

"The overflow of messages from everybody young and old. From kids, adoptees, to adopters. A couple parents, grandparents that have been trying and have opened up their minds and their hearts and their souls and their homes to take people in, to give them a fair shot at life. I've gotten the sweetest, most beautiful messages of things just opening up and sharing the story and how important it is. Those titles 'mom' and 'dad' mean the world. You don't just have them by association. You earn those titles. That's something I really fully believe in as somebody that wants to have kids of my own and I wanna adopt, as well. The title 'dad' means so much to me and so, again, just to be able to pay homage to my folks."

Well, It's safe to say Jordan is going to be a great father one day! He sure has great parents to take after. His mom and dad have been super active in cheering on their son and getting everyone to vote.

"Two shows this week, Monday and Tuesday! This is the most important time to vote for Jordan and Lindsay!! Your votes will help them win!! Thank you for all of you love and for voting," his mother shared on Instagram leading up to the last night.

Who are Jordan Fisher's parents?

Jordan's legal parents are Rodney and Pat Fisher, but they are not his biological parents. Jordan's birth mom had him when she was 16 years old, and she was struggling with substance abuse. Jordan's grandparents (on his mother's side) took him in and raised him like their own, removing him from any potential dangerous environment that he could've been faced with.

"I love them so much," Jordan said following his "Most Memorable Year" performance dedicated to his parents. "They're the most selfless, giving, caring people I know – and by definition, represented what a mom and a dad – a mother and father – are truly supposed to embody. And I get to call them mine."

Jordan exclusively opened up to TWIST about how his diverse family shaped him into who he is today. "I'm multi-racial to include black and white. We have a little bit of many nationalities in my family," he explained. "I was raised to not only accept diversity but to embrace and appreciate it and be proud of it. My parents have definitely helped shape me in to who I am today because of the importance they stressed of being proud of who I am, to hold true to my values, and to love and accept people of all colors and nationalities."

Does Jordan Fisher have siblings?

Jordan's birth mother had two more kids, 16-year-old Cory and 14-year-old Trinity, who Rodney and Pat also adopted. And what a beautiful family the five of them make!

Does Jordan Fisher have a daughter?

Although Jordan is always spending time with a little girl in his family – no, that is not his daughter! Jordan refers to Aubrey as his niece, even though she's not the daughter of either of his siblings (cousins, perhaps?). Although Jordan doesn't have children of his own, he does see starting a family as his ultimate dream.

"I'm really close to my family and my number one dream in the entire world is to get married and have kids. That's success to me," he said in an interview.

So sweet!

This post was originally published on October 10, 2017 and since has been updated.

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