More often than not, our favorite celebrities are often linked together. Sometimes, there’s an exception to the rule and a well-known star will strike up a romantic relationship with someone completely out of the public eye. Take Ansel Elgort for example, everyone knows his girlfriend, but she’s not a celebrity! What about Taylor Lautner, did you know his other half just graduated from nursing school? Yep, these stars, and more, may be known for their iconic acting roles or seriously stunning singing voices, but there’s one thing about them kept out of the public eye: their significant other.

Aside from those two Hollywood heartthrobs, what other big-named celebs are in relationships with someone who has no interest in the spotlight? Well, not to worry, guys, because J-14 broke them all down for you. That’s right, scroll through our gallery to see 12 stars that are in longterm relationships with normal people.

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