Shawn Mendes is known for heartfelt lyrics in his songs and Jordan Fisher has one of the most angelic voices around. Seems like they would make the perfect match, even though they have such different sounds musically, but it looks like the "Mercy" crooner made Jordan's dream come true and wrote a song about the Liv and Maddie cutie. OK, not really, but hey we can all hope, right?

So let's break it down: Shawn sent out a tweet that naturally sent fans into a frenzy when he let them know he wrote a song about a special someone. "Wrote a song about u," he simply wrote to his more than 13 million Twitter followers.

Everyone was just trying to figure out who exactly Shawn was referring to since the subject of his oh so romantic tunes is nothing short of fascinating. And that's when Jordan stepped in, replying back to Shawn, "aww I can’t wait to hear it."

jordan shawn tweet

LOL, so Jordan is out here making us all believe that Shawn wrote a song about him. Can you just imagine? Well, sorry to get your hopes up, but the Dancing With the Stars contestant quickly clarified to avoid any confusion that he doesn't actually know Shawn on a personal level. He's a fan just like the rest of us and a self-proclaimed "king of wishful thinking."

So yes, Jordan is just like the rest of us and is waiting for the day Shawn ends up writing a song about him. Same bro, same. And who knows, it can totally happen! Shawn is a very talented songwriter and he's even gotten inspiration for a song from a fictional character and whipped up "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" about her. So clearly, he can write about anything and it will sound amazing. Or perhaps a duet from these guys is now in our future since the world deserves to be treated to hearing their voices together one day.

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