Once upon a time, there was a chance that Shawn Mendes could've been a Disney Channel star. The musician actually auditioned for the network in his native Canada, but ultimately decided to not actively pursue his acting dreams anymore once he discovered he would get too nervous having to remember his lines. He then turned to music and the rest is history.

But since then, Shawn has realized he does have a passion for acting and it's something he might just end up doing full time if that's where life takes him. He's open to it and since he's only 18 years old, there's still plenty of time to possibly even head back to Disney. He did sing a song for the first Descendants movie soundtrack and although he doesn't have any sort of appearance or connection to the upcoming sequel, the movie's main star Dove Cameron can't help but agree would be make a lovely addition to the DCOM.

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And we can't help but agree with Mal herself. Shawn can obviously sing and acting is something he loves to do and he's guest-starred on the series The 100 before, so he knows what he's doing. Plus, he already makes a perfect addition posing alongside Dove and her co-star Sofia Carson.

shawn mendes descendants cast

Fits right in if you ask us! Which is why we decided to come up with a lovely list of plenty of other DCOMs that would be even more amazing, had Shawn starred in them too. You know, just throwing out some ideas in case Disney ever really wants to stop playing games and call him up for a movie role. Let's break it down:

Camp Rock

camp rock dancing

For real, Shawn would be a perfect fit to the CR family and during a Q & A livestream he did, he said it's his fave DCOM when he was asked to choose between CR and another classic, High School Musical.

"Camp Rock. I'm sorry High School Musical. I loved Camp Rock," he said.

So yes, Shawn was a fan just like the rest of us. OK, now imagine he would play music alongside Connect 3 and seeing him co-star with Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers would be a dream come true. The movies are all about music and staying true to who you really are, no matter what and that's something we can see Shawn being in. And there are those Camp Rock 3 rumors



OK, here us out here for a second. Now, no one can replace Sterling Knight at Christopher Wilde, the superstar who gets to live a normal day with a normal girl and of course they end up falling for each other. Part of what makes this movie so great is Sterling and his dynamic with his leading lady, Danielle Campbell. But, Shawn would totally slay the role of Christoper. He already is a rock star in real life, so this whole movie is something he would totally relate to. Plus, we have a feeling Shawn and Danielle would be the cutest co-stars. Seriously, they would make the cutest couple!

High School Musical

high school musical

What we could give to see Shawn bust some of this iconic choreography. (We're not entirely sure how Shawn's dancing skills are but we have a feeling he could do it.) Shawn would easily fit right in as a key member of the Wildcats basketball team and be bros with Troy and Chad and who knows, maybe his love for music too would make Troy's transition from b-ball player to drama club star a tad bit easier.

Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

Shawn co-starring with the OG queen herself Selena Gomez would be nothing short of epic and the Wizards movie is forever a fan favorite. Shawn is a huge Harry Potter fan and already knows his way around a wand.

shawn mendes wizard

How cool would it have been if Shawn helped Alex and Justin out during their epic battle toward the end of the movie? We can see him playing some sort of all-knowing, super cool wizard and he could've helped save the day sooner in our eyes had he been there on that vacation the Russo kids for sure never forgot about!

Teen Beach Movie

teen beach movie

We know, another musical but hey, we're catering toward Shawn's strengths here. TBM is fun because it has that throwback vibe to it and seeing Shawn as one of the characters in Wet Side Story would be too good. Now would he play a biker or a surfer is the true question, but we have a feeling he would be perfect for either role. Ross Lynch + Shawn? Sign up us, please and thanks.

How to Build a Better Boy

how to build a better boy

This movie is about two girls, played the fabulous China Anne McClain and Kelli Berglund, who end up creating the perfect boyfriend using some high-tech software. They create Albert, but imagine instead of one perfect guy, there was two and the other was played by Shawn. Now that sounds like a dream plot in our minds! And seeing Shawn essentially play a computer hologram come to life would be all types of amazing.

Lemonade Mouth

lemonade mouth

Shawn at the end of the day is meant to be up on stage, which is why LM would be the perfect DCOM for him. It's about kids who meet in detention and together, form a band and pretty much take over the music world together, only after going through plenty of ups and downs together. Shawn would fit right in with this eclectic group and just imagine those harmonies we would get from him and Bridgit Mendler singing together. Pure magic.

So there we have it. There's plenty of proof out there that Shawn is meant to be in a DCOM one day.

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We're ready for it.

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