She’s not just Tessa Young! After star Josephine Langford may be known for her role in the film franchise, but she’s actually appeared in tons of movies over the years.

“It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember,” Josephine told ContentMode in April 2019 of her acting career. “I don’t think that there was a specific movie or moment that sparked it. I think my first performance was probably as Belle in a school play of Beauty and the Beast when I was 6.”

She made her film debut in the 2017 movie Wish Upon alongside Joey King before nabbing the starting role as Tessa in the After franchise.

“I felt like I had a huge responsibility to get it right. With any project with a pre-existing and large fan base there’s going to be expectations when it comes to how you play the role,” Josephine told ContentMode of Tessa. “You just have to try to not feel pressured by that. You need to make your own choices and be secure and confident in your performance and what you’re doing.”

Once the first movie premiered, the Australian star reprised the role in three other films before leaving Tessa Young in the past.

The actress added, “It’s always funny finishing a movie because there’s never really this big last day with all the cast where it ends,” Josephine told TooFab in March 2021 about her last After movie. “It’s always like people are wrapping … [there’s a] three, four, five-week-long process when cast members are like dropping off.”

She added, “It was really bittersweet because obviously, it was sad finishing it. It doesn’t really feel like it’s over of it yet. I haven’t accepted it. I think that’s because the film just hasn’t come out, but yeah bittersweet.”

What’s next for the After star? Continuing to appear in various films.

“I’m scared of commitment. So I’m not drawn to TV — I’m drawn to film,” she shared during a November 2021 interview with WWD. “I think it’s partly why I became an actor.”

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