Joshua Bassett is telling his side of the story! From September to October 2022, the singer-actor has been pumping out new songs, including an EP called Sad Songs In a Hotel Room! Some of the tracks, such as “She Said He Said She Said,” appear hint at past drama. Keep reading to uncover all of Joshua’s shadiest songs!

The Disney star acknowledged the sudden release of “Would You Love Me Now?,” which premiered just weeks after his release of EP Sad Songs In a Hotel Room on September 23. “At the end of the summer, inspiration struck me like lightning,” Joshua explained in a press release following the release of “Would You Love Me Now?” on October 6.

“I found myself up at ungodly hours barely keeping up with the songs,” he continued. “The new music felt urgent to put out into the world. This first track – ‘would you love me now?’ – touches on how even after heartbreak and distance, there are certain people you will always find yourself asking, ‘What if we tried it again?'”

He added, “From long lost love, broken promises, reconciliation, and new beginnings – you can count on one thing: it’s complicated.”

Following “Would You Love Me Now?” and Sad Songs In a Hotel Room, Joshua added another song to his belt! The HSMTMTS actor released “She Said He Said She Said” on October 13, which appears to be the shadiest song so far! Joshua details a drama-filled night out while hanging out with someone who is stirring up rumors and false narratives about him.

“I saw you at the back of the room taking shots with your friends again,” he sings. “You talk s–t like you always do, I guess high school never ends. You sure got a lot to say when you’re talkin’ on my name / You sure got a lot to say, but did you tell them everything?”

The chorus kicks off with, “Starting rumors, it’s nothing new, yeah / We’re on this s–t again, she said, he said, she said. Just can’t gеt over I let you go, yeah, lеt’s put this s–t to bed.”

As the song has to do with rumors, hence the “She Said He Said She Said” title, fans have a feeling this is in reference to the infamous love triangle media fiasco between Joshua, Olivia Rodrigo and Sabrina Carpenter in 2021. Joshua is probably shading the many rumors and gossip that was created on the internet at the time.

Scroll through our gallery to uncover Joshua’s shadiest songs!

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