RIP, Julie and the Phantoms — you were ripped away from us far too soon! But seriously, the Netflix show was canceled after just one season despite it being pretty popular on the streaming platform. So, what is the cast up to now? Scroll to find out!

Julie and the Phantoms tells the story of a high-schooler named Julie, a talented singer-songwriter, whose still reeling from the death of her mother and refuses to perform in public. That is until she meets the phantoms, ghosts of a boy band from the 90s who can only be seen and heard when performing music with Julie.

The Phantoms themselves – Charlie Gillespie, Jeremy Shada and Owen Joyner — spoke about the series in an October 2020 interview with Collider. “The thing that I was most excited for and nervous about was Kenny Ortega. It’s a Kenny Ortega project. I was freaking out,” Owen explained. Kenny, who directed the short-term series, is the director of Disney classics such as High School MusicalDescendants and Hocus Pocus.

Julie and the Phantoms was canceled in December 2020, and Kenny shared fans’ disappointment in an interview with People Magazine in March 2022.

“There was disappointment, there was hurt and there was even anguish,” Kenny recalled. “And then I kind of said, ‘Look, whatever comes next, if it isn’t a kind of afterlife for Julie, you’ll always be in my heart, you’ll always be in my thoughts and I will continue to make programs with you in mind.”

Fans of the Netflix show have tried hard to save the series. After news of the cancellation hit, Twitter blew up with a #SaveJATP hashtag and a website launched dedicated to ways in which viewers can get Netflix’s attention. This included a petition, a GoFundMe page to help finance billboards and messages across the world. Unfortunately, fans of the show have had no luck in securing a season 2.

The outpouring of fan support has made Kenny feel “very grateful… Julie and the Phantoms is something that I’m very proud of and even if we have to walk away from it and this is the only example of it that we’ll have, it’s a good one and it’ll stay out there,” he says.

“Other generations will find it and continue to enjoy it and that makes me feel so good.”

Scroll through our gallery to see what the cast of Julie and the Phantoms is up to now.

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