Anyone out there who was doubting Justin Bieber’s holiday spirit, definitely won’t be after seeing the latest post on his Instagram stories. The “Love Yourself” singer shared a hilarious video with fans, where he not only made fun of those who were doubting his Christmas spirit but proved he was here for the season by tricking out his car in the most extra way imaginable. We’ve got a feeling the Biebs may have just turned himself into a meme after seeing this.

In the video, Justin shares a few glimpses of his car before posting pictures of his beloved Mercedes Benz G-Class, otherwise known as the G-Wagon as he calls it. He joked with fans by saying, “People came to me and they were trippin' like you ain't in the Christmas spirit dog. I was like, Oh really? Oh really, boy? Oh really, dog?” LOL-worthy stuff right there, but the major shock comes after seeing his car. It looks like it was decorated with some wrapping paper. Seriously, it looks like Justin asked someone to paint over it with something that could be found in everyone’s home. There’s no way this isn’t hilarious.

justin bieber car christmas instagram

Honestly, we just want to know everything that went into making this decision, and if Justin will actually step out driving his car while it looks like this. Also this comes just days after the “Cold Water” singer shared videos of himself decorating his tree shirtless. Given these last two posts, it’s obvious the singer loves nothing more than the holiday season – so anyone doubting just how into this time of the year Justin is, was clearly not keeping up with his last couple of social posts.

The only thing that would make this even more the better is if Justin steps out driving his car decorated like this with Selena Gomez in the passenger seat. That would definitely be a holiday miracle.

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