Looks like Justin Bieber’s mom, Pattie Mallette is totally here for Jelena reunion happening right before our very eyes. Then again, who doesn’t have something to say about the couple rekindling their love after so many years apart? The “Sorry” singer’s mother recently spoke to People about their relationship, and it should come as no surprise that she has nothing but high praise for Selena Gomez.

Aside from being a total fan of the relationship, Pattie also loves just how happy the “Wolves” songstress makes her son — as any mother would. She said, “I don’t know so much about their personal relationship because he doesn’t share a whole lot, but I love her. I support anything [he does], if he loves her I love her, and I’ve met her and we have a special bond so I think she’s precious. I can’t really speak on their relationship, that’s between them.”

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Credit: Splash News

Okay, so it shouldn’t be too shocking that Pattie doesn’t know much and isn’t exactly going to dish on what she knows either. She’s had a complicated relationship with Justin in the past, and probably wants to keep anything the “Love Yourself” singer has told her private. Though it must be nice for the Biebs to know that his mother loves just how happy and grounded Sel keeps him. She continued to say, “I think anyone with real love in their life is more grounded. I think there’s so much confusion sometimes and facade in this Hollywood world, and so it’s important for us to find the ones that truly care and stick with them.”

Solid point right there and if anything, we know Selena has nothing but love for Pattie too. She liked the adorable pic Justin posted of him and his mom at the Justice Speaks Holiday Benefit Luncheon, where she was the keynote speaker. Here is the precious pic of the mom and son duo:

And Selena just had to hit that heart on the pic, despite the fact that she doesn't even follow Justin on Instagram.

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PRECIOUS. Obviously Jelena cares deeply for one another, and they’ve definitely matured during their time apart so who knows. Maybe this could be it for the two of them. After all, Justin didn’t exactly say no to the paps when they asked when he was going to propose to Sel. Only time will tell what’s next for these two lovebirds, but they’ve already got the seal of approval from one of their parents.

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