Justin Bieber just did something major to himself that has left fans totally shook! What is it? For those who haven’t checked their Insta feed yet, it might come as a complete shock to know that the “Love Yourself” crooner has covered almost every inch of himself in tattoos! The Biebs made the shocking revelation in both picture and video form on the app, and is showcasing all that new ink that covers just about every inch of his torso. Fans know the singer has had a lion and bear on his chest, and now they’re joined by an extremely intricate design.

The first post the singer shared of his tats came without a caption, and was a mirror selfie. Fans have been rightfully so freaking out in the comments section. Some praising the choice, and others letting him know they aren’t the biggest fans of it. While others have pointed out the items kept on his cabinet, including a pack of cookies.

In the video shared with fans, a better look at what exactly Justin had done is visible. Fans can see that there appears to be something that looks like an angel on his left side, and even a skeleton on the bottom of his right side. The “Sorry” singer took fans through a short stroll of his house in the clip, and again – no caption was necessary on the post.

This massive tat is one of Justin’s boldest moves yet, since he cancelled the rest of his tour dates to focus on his health. Now, the “What Do You Mean” singer’s total ink count is well above 60, and we have a feeling he’s not done with getting tattoos anytime soon. Hopefully fans will get an in-depth explanation as to what it all means, so everyone can stop freaking out about it. Though we all probably will continue to do so for a little bit longer.

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