Selena Gomez is currently across the pond in London out and about doing some press stops like stopping by the KISS FM radio station headquarters and attending fabulous fashion events. But before she took the streets of the city, she was just a girl chilling in her hotel room. And apparently, she wanted everyone to know that she's by herself during this London trip, aka with no Justin Bieber in sight.

Sel took to her Instagram story to let everyone she's in London with her fab blonde hair still intact and she's ready to have some time to herself because she simply needs it. But what's interesting is that she deleted the selfie video shortly after posting it.

So what does that mean? Was she getting tons of comments bringing up her newly rekindled romance with the Biebs that she just didn't want to deal with? It's her Instagram account and obvi she's the queen of IG so can do what she wants, but it's confusing as to why she deleted this video. She looks as glam as ever just chilling if you ask us! She then posted a bit of a throwback pic of herself and her longtime BFF Courtney Barry in an elevator together.

selena courtney instagram story

So maybe Courtney is joining her out in London and she won't be alone after all? We have so many questions Selena, but it looks like she's happy to be away from everything for a bit, doing what she does best and that's working hard. She's a mega-talented singer, actress, producer and all-around performer so girl just wants a little room to breathe for a minute. Everyone is fascinated by the constant state of her love life but at least for now, we all know she's taking some much needed alone time. Plus, Justin went on Instagram Live and was playing the piano singing a lovely song and he let everyone know he's spending some much-needed quality time with his dad. Basically, he's happy to be doing his own thing at the moment too.

"I️ love continuing to get to know my father I️ love working through hard things to get to the good things.. relationships are worth fighting for especially with family!! Love you forever and always daddy!" JB wrote in the caption of the post he posted of the pair walking together.

So while Jelena is sorta, kinda a thing again, they're both still taking time to be alone, away from one another. V mature, guys.

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