It’s just the beginning of New York Fashion Week and there’s already some juicy drama, obviously. The event brings out the most popular, A-list stars around the world in the name of fashion and we can hardly wait to see how everything unfolds. Just one day in and it seems like Justin Bieber and his slew of exes have already started to make headlines. Three of his former flings – Hailey Baldwin, Sofia Richie and Chantel Jefferies – were all spotted partying together at a club in the big apple.

Unfortunately, Selena Gomez was not in attendance or that really would have been a crowd. However, as we previously reported, the “Bad Liar” singer actually liked a photo that Ashley Benson posted on Instagram hanging out with Hailey. Of course, Selena is friends with Ashley but the fact that she liked a photo with Hailey in it shows that she’s so over Bieber and the drama that he caused in her life. Hailey, Sofia, and Chantel could be following in her footsteps.

The girls DID attend the same party but from what we can tell, there was no drama or cattiness that took place. All three of the girls could really have cooled down their Bieber fever and it’s nice to see them in the same place without anything serious going down. It’s important to note that Justin was not at the party. Who knows what would have happened if he made an appearance. Can you imagine three of his exes completely ignoring him or maybe vying for his attention? Sh-t would have hit the freaking fan.

But, the girls remained calm and all looked flawless AF. There’s no telling if they actually interacted with each other, but, I mean, come on. It was a party at a New York City club. They were definitely in a roped off section. There were definitely times where they had to pass each other or saw each other from a distance. The celebrity circle might seem huge but it really isn’t. These girls know each other and it seems like it’s finally time to clear the air of Justin’s nonsense. There are bigger and better things to worry about – like who’s the next hottest guy at fashion week.

Sorry, Bieber, but you may want to start worrying, like, now. Who knows what your exes talked about. It could have very well been about you. And yes, we’re totally waiting for a John Tucker Must Die type of thing to go down here. It’s fashion week, people, anything can happen.

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