Leave it to Justin Bieber to send fans into a tailspin of worry after sharing a new picture from the vacation he just took with his mother, Pattie Mallette. Though it’s not him Belibers are worried about, it’s actually his mom who fans want to make sure is doing okay. In his latest Instagram post, which features the two alongside the hotel staff of where they stayed, Pattie can be seen sitting in a wheelchair. Yikes!

In typical Biebs fashion, he didn’t caption the picture or share any further details about his mother’s injury, but she did reveal to those who asked on Instagram what exactly happened. Pattie wrote on one picture. “Okay so yeah, I broke my foot on the first day of vacation 🙁 but there are worse places to be hurt ;). Of that I am sure… Almost all I got are foot pics lol ! I had to take a few boats and sea planes to get it looked at / treated but I had awesome helpers and a really cool wheelchair made for sand. My foot has definitely been on an adventure this trip! #blessed.”

That kind of injury happening on the first day can definitely put a damper on a vacation, but leave it to Justin to make the trip the best he could for his mother. Talk about being one awesome son. Though the have had some serious ups and downs throughout the years, their relationship is definitely in a much different and better place than it was just a few years ago. No doubt this vacation not only helped them relax but also got them to reconnect in a totally new way. We’re totally here for the “Love Yourself” singer putting his family first and being in a much happier and healthier place.

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