Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez haven't been publicly spotted together since their New Year's Eve romp in Mexico. So, of course, that worried shippers. Was there trouble in paradise? Had things fizzled out THAT quickly? Everyone was hoping that wasn't the case, but you never know with these two. Their relationship has been a series of ups and downs for years so the fact that they hadn't been hanging out for the world to see in weeks was definitely questionable. Jelena fans can now take a sigh of relief. Selena was back to her old ways last night as she supported Justin during one of his hockey games in Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, this time, there were no quick kisses over the hockey rink walls. But she did watch from the stands and the pair left together. It's important to note that they reportedly didn't arrive in the same car. Selena looked super relaxed wearing jeans, a gray sweatshirt, and white sneakers. We totally feel her vibe.

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Justin has been hanging out with his family a lot lately. He was recently vacationing in an undisclosed location with his mom Pattie Mallette. Shortly after he arrived back in California, Justin was seen grabbing lunch with his dad, Jeremy Bieber, and his brother, Jaxon Bieber. Selena was not by the Biebs' side even as he went to church. It was Pattie sporting a wheelchair out of the service to support her broken leg she had inconveniently hurt on the first day of the trip with Justin. So, where was Selena? Even the "Bad Liar" singer's make up artist had taken to Instagram to say that he missed her. Hung Vanngo captioned his video of Sel, "Miss this face! ?"

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Miss this face! 💗

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Thankfully it wasn't just the editors here at J-14 who were wondering where in the world Selena has been hiding over the past couple of weeks. She really has been in hiding. But she looked really freaking great at the hockey rink. Not to mention, her blow out is on fire. And while we still don't know what she's been doing, whatever it was definitely worked.

Both Justin and Selena, of course, had nothing to say to the paparazzi who were waiting for them outside the rink. But considering that they did leave together we have a feeling that all is right in their world. There's no telling if this is the first time they've seen each other since New Year's Eve or they just decided to take things public again.

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Whatever it is, we know they left in the same car so if that's any indication of what's going on between them then die-hard Jelena shippers should be able to sleep a little bit better tonight.

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