"Despacito" might be the song of the summer but that doesn't mean Justin Bieber is going to sing it live. Sorry, Beliebers.

Ever since the track came out, fangirls everywhere have been swooning over the fact that Justin could sing in Spanish. Really though, who knew? For seemingly not knowing the language at all, he sure gave it his best shot. The lyrics are super sexy and hearing Justin's voice try and effortlessly master them for the first time was HOT AF.

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However, there's only one problem here. While recording his Spanish verse, JB was most likely reading off of a piece of paper with the words printed on them. Not only that but he probably had a lot of practice, too. It's important to remember that just because he could sing in Spanish on the record doesn't exactly mean he knows how to speak the language IRL. Nor does it mean he can sing the song live in Spanish.

We know, we know, it's a legitimate catastrophe because it would be totally insane if he could do it in front of his fans. This is what the people want, Biebs! But, some fans still aren't taking no for an answer. Justin was on stage at the Summerburst Festival in Stockholm and actually admitted that he doesn't know the song or the Spanish words. For that, we have to give him some kind of credit. He was trying to be truthful with his fans and with the crowd. But, they weren't having his confession and he was almost hit by a flying water bottle.

Justin said, "I can't do "Despacito" because I don't even know it. I don't know the song. I can't do it."

It was after this that a bottle can be seen chucked at the "Sorry" singer to which he responds saying, "Whoa, don't throw things at me." Yikes! There's no telling whether or not Justin thought this whole not being able to sing a song that is number 1 on the charts right now was funny, but the fans sure didn't think so.

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Okay so yes, it's a major bummer that Justin probably won't be singing "Despacito" live anytime soon, but it's still important to remember that he is a human being. If he's trying to be real with his fans and tell them that he doesn't actually know the words, then he doesn't actually know the words. Let him live. Spanish was never his first language!

AND Luis Fonsi isn't even getting on his case about not knowing the lyrics. If Luis is okay with it, then Beliebers can be too.

Who knows, maybe after all of this heckling, Justin will get himself some Spanish lessons.

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