KARD is a rare jewel in K-pop, a co-ed group that is leading change in an industry that usually stays within the limits of rigid boy and girl groups. Keep reading to meet the members of the 4-member band that includes members BM, Jeon Somin, Jeon Ji-woo and J. Seph.

Who Are KARD?

he co-ed group was formed under music company DSP Media, where they officially debuted in July 2017, with their EP Hola Hola. While co-ed groups aren’t completely unheard of in K-pop — with MFBTY, Co-ed School and Triple H being some examples — they are extremely rare and usually less successful then their boy and girl group counterparts. Enter KARD: a 4-member band with a loyal fanbase.

“I can speak for all members when I say we respect all boy groups, all girl groups and all co-ed groups,” BM told Paper Magazine in September 2018. “I feel like more than it being a competition, we’re just trying to pave our own path with KARD and be very unique. As far as competition, we don’t try to come out with songs to be like, ‘Oh, let’s be better than that guy.’ Mostly, let’s just be the best KARD we can be.”

Their sound is a funky-fusion of EDM and groovy sounds that are easily enjoyable, with fun choreography to match.

“I think more than anything, we just try to go with a very trendy sound with a little mix of everything,” BM said of their music. “We don’t want to stick to one genre, one sound — we’re very open to genres these days. We want to try everything. Trap, R&B … jazz if ever given the chance. Right now, moombahton and dancehall is very in. So, we try to take what’s trending and put a little bit of our own flavor on it.”

Do KARD Members Have Solo Careers?

Of all four members, only BM has made his debut as a solo artist, dropping the single “Broken Me” in July 2021, which he also helped write.

“I wrote the first verse until the hook in three hours,” he said of the writing process in an interview with NME. “And I wrote the rest of the song in a day. It was really fast and it was really natural to me. I feel like those types of songs, when it comes from a real place, I have more to say, you know? So it comes out much faster and smoother.”

Scroll through the gallery below to meet the members of KARD, one of the most successful K-pop co-ed groups.

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