ICYMI, it’s extremely difficult for K-pop stars to date. Whether it’s their busy schedules or the intense rumors and speculation that usually follows, dating “scandals” are taken extremely seriously in South Korea. So much so, that it’s pretty common for K-pop companies to have dating bans on their K-pop stars. However, that hasn’t stopped some Korean celebs from confirming that they’re in relationships. Keep reading for all of the confirmed K-pop stars who are publicly dating.

Joy, a member of K-pop girl group Red Velvet, and South Korean rapper Crush, announced they were dating in August 2021.

The pair’s relationship confirmation first hit Korean news outlet Sports Chosun on August 23, 2021. Shortly after, Crush’s label P NATION and Joy’s label SM Entertainment both confirmed the news, commenting, “They had a senior-junior relationship, but they recently began dating with good feelings toward each other.”

The announcement came one year after Joy and Crush collaborated on a song called “May Day” in May 2020, while also appearing in the music video together.

The two celebrated the release of their song on YouTube at the time, where they gushed about working with one another. “I’m such a fan of Crush and I **[WAS] featured on his song,” Joy said. “Even just being contacted about it made me so excited and nervous.”

In response, Crush said, “The honor is mine. When I was making the song, I thought that I definitely needed Joy’s voice for it, and that’s why I made the offer.”

Following the news of their relationship going public, Crush shared more about his relationship with Joy through his official fan cafe website.

“Our fans, you must have been very surprised. This is the first time I’m conveying such news so I’m very nervous and [tense],” he wrote, as translated by Koreaboo. “The number of days where I am smiling has increased due to the positivity and brightness of that person [referring to Joy] and my heart has also become healthier.”

“It was only recently that we confirmed how each other felt, slowly and seriously, and so I had wanted to let you guys know first, at a right time, but somehow an article came out and I’m quite taken aback too,” he added. Crush ended the post saying that he’d be “grateful” if fans could “look upon [their relationship] positively.” He also noted that he would “make sure to take responsibility and show everyone … a good side of me.”

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