Get ready to laugh out loud because Kate Godfrey totally transformed into Justin Bieber for an All That sketch and she looks exactly like the singer! From his iconic tattoos to the pink buzz cut and everything in between, we can’t recognize the 15-year-old actress in this hilarious “Yummy” parody video.

In honor of the show’s new episode (which premieres on Saturday, May 16 at 8:30 P.M EST on Nickelodeon), the star just spilled all the tea exclusively to J-14 about what it was like portraying such an iconic musician, her favorite songs by the crooner and even shared some behind-the-scenes set secrets!

J-14: What was it like portraying Justin Bieber? Was it hard?

Kate Godfrey: Portraying Justin Bieber was SO fun. I really like when I get to play a boy on the show because it is literally the farthest away from my real personality that you could get. It definitely had its challenges, but it was the most fun I have ever had while filming a sketch.

J-14: Are you a fan of his?

Kate: I am a big fan of Justin Bieber!! Who isn’t a fan right?

J-14: What’s your favorite Justin Bieber song?

Kate: Right now I really like “Intentions,” and I love his new song with Ariana Grande, “Stuck With U.” But I mean, an OG JB song, is “As Long As You Love Me.”

J-14: Did you feel any pressure or nerves taking on someone so big and popular?

Kate: I definitely had some nerves about that, but I worked really hard with our acting coach Anthony LeBlanc, he was super helpful.

J-14: What was your first reaction when you found out you were going to play him in a skit?

Kate: I was beyond excited because for some weird reason I just love doing impressions of boys. And this is not just any regular boy, its JB!

J-14: Tell us a little about the physical transformation — was it hard being turned into the singer?

Kate: The hardest part was the tattoos. Justin Bieber has full sleeves of tattoos. But dont worry! The tattoos our makeup artist, Michael Johnson, used, were temporary. However, they were super hard to get off

J-14: How did you prepare for the role? Did you study up on his music videos?

Kate: I think I watched the original Yummy music video about 50 times, and I watched basically every recent Justin Bieber video. Even videos of him getting chased down by paparazzi.

J-14: Do you and your ‘All That’ costars get along when cameras stop rolling?

Kate: Yes! We are so so close. Like many friend groups, being in quarantine has been hard for us because we miss each other so much!

J-14: Can you share any fun behind-the-scenes memories or stories from on set?

Kate: During one of the sketches, “Detective Dan and Ann,” there was a cat. The cat was originally grey, but during our rehearsal the cat scratched Ryan Alessi and the cat was fired! Who knew you could fire a cat, haha!”

J-14: What is your favorite skit you’ve ever acted in?

Kate: I think the “Yummy” music video takes the cake. The dancers were so kind and supportive and I really enjoyed their vibe. One of my favorite directors to work with is Jonathan Judge, so I was really lucky that he directed the video.

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