J-14 had the chance to talk to Harry Potter actress Katie Leung, and she is just the cutest! We asked Katie how she feels about being such an inspiration for young people by recreating a character from the Harry Potter novels. What she said was so sweet!

"I think that now that I’m older it’s really lovely to hear those words – because when you’re a teenager, you kind of get caught up in what you want to be and where you want to be," the adorable actress told us.

It’s true! Sometimes teenagers face the pressure of knowing what they want to do in life, and it can be scary! Now that Katie has had time to reflect back, she is so proud of what she has done!

“It can get kind of overwhelming. So now looking back [as] an adult, it’s nice to hear that teenagers are still into ‘Harry Potter,’ and it’s affecting their lives, and they are being inspired through reading and through watching these movies. So it’s something to be really proud of."

It sure is something to be majorly proud of!

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