Katy Perry has being laying it all out on the line lately (from addressing her feud with Taylor Swift to opening up about her mental health), and it has become apparent that the star is hiding literally nothing. The "Swish, Swish" singer is turning over a new leaf, if you will, as she (partially) says goodbye to the flashy pop star she morphed into. Turns out, she misses being little old Katheryn Hudson from Santa Barbara, California.

Despite the fact that Katy has been speaking out about how she lost herself in the whirlwind of taking on this celebrity identity, she doesn't regret creating the Katy Perry persona we all know and love. In fact, she says she doesn't want to get rid of that image entirely – she just wants to be more genuine to herself, rather than playing this fabricated character she developed into over time.

"I didn't kill her, because I love her, and she is exactly what I had to do then," Katy explained in a recent interview. "And I’m not a con artist, I didn’t con people, like, that was just me. And this is me now."

katy perry crying

Over the past week, Katy has been hard at work promoting her new album, Witness. Aside from letting a ton of cameras follow her every move in her Witness World Wide live stream, she also put on a big surprise concert. The star opened up about the whole Katy vs. Katheryn during her live webcast, and we totally see where she is coming from.

There's no doubt that the Katy Perry we know is a part of Katheryn, but it must be exhausting to put on a constant act. That's why we're more than happy to get to know the real Katheryn, while still having that Katy aspect of her personality that we know is in there somewhere.

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