Sorry Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul fans, it looks like they might not make it to television after all. According to “Drama Alert” YouTuber Keemstar, the couple’s new MTV show Bustedness has been cancelled.

On Sunday, December 15, the 37-year-old internet star announced the news on Twitter after an anonymous insider told him that MTV had cancelled the show before it even aired.

“[Anonymous] Source: Jake Paul & Tana’s MTV show was canceled after announcement 3 days ago,” the tweet read. “MTV exes did not care for Tana according to source.”

Keemstar Claims Tana And Jake's Show Was Canceled

Tana and Jake’s close friend Mike Majlak was quick to respond to the tweet. He slammed the claim and said the show had not been cancelled because there was “no contract yet.” Wait what? According to the 34-year-old marketing manager, the footage filmed on Wednesday, December 10 — the day the pair announced Bustedness on social media — was actually a pilot episode. For those who don’t know, a television pilot is an episode of a show that’s filmed to see if the series would be successful on a specific network. In this instance, Jake and Tana filmed only one episode of Bustedness so MTV could decide if they wanted to pick it up for a full season or not.

Keemstar replied back to Mike and asked him to explain Jake’s social media announcement about the show.

“Correct me if I’m wrong but Jake Paul was posting & bragging on social media that he ‘got’ a new MTV show ‘coming out,'” he wrote. Then added, “It’s not coming out [because] it was cancelled!”

Keemstar Claims Tana And Jake's Show Was Canceled

Before he signed off the social media site, Mike wrote back to Keemstar and clarified what Jake and Tana should have said in their since-deleted Instagram posts.

“He [should have] said we have a pilot that may or may not get scooped,” he tweeted. “Whatever the case cancelled ain’t the right word.”

Tana, Jake or MTV have yet to respond to the claims of Bustedness’ cancellation and it’s still unclear whether or not the show will premiere on the network next year.

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