OMG. Did Kendall Jenner just get caught FaceTiming her ex, Harry Styles? Yep, you #Hendall shippers might want to prepare yourselves because just weeks after the two stars were spotted hanging out at the Met Gala, they may have just had another major interaction. SCREAMING.

OK, so let us explain. In a new vlog posted by her sister Kylie Jenner, there’s one clip that shows the 23-year-old model on a FaceTime call with someone. And although you can’t see who it is, fans are convinced they heard the One Direction singer’s voice on the phone.

And that’s not all. Get this, you guys — when Kylie sees who her older sister is talking to, she says, “Hi Harry!” Um, that’s pretty much all the confirmation fans needed, and naturally, the internet quickly went wild.

Harry Kendall
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As J-14 readers know, the former couple also sent fans into a frenzy when they reunited at the 2019 Met Gala at the beginning of May. Not only did the pair get photographed having the cutest moment ever during the glamorous event, but an exclusive insider also spotted them celebrating together afterwards!

According to the exclusive eyewitness, the model and the “Sign of the Times” crooner spent time together at an afterparty which took place at the Moxy Hotel in New York City.

“Kendall came a little after Harry with all of her friends — Gigi HadidHailey Baldwin, etc. — but her friends left after an hour or so,” the insider told us. “Kendall stayed for hours, until about 6:30 in the morning when she and Harry left at the same time and got into separate cars.”

Now, we went ahead and did some investigating, and we discovered that Kendall is also pretty close to singer Harry Hudson, so it’s definitely a possibility that he’s the mysterious guy on the other end of her FaceTime call. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know for sure, but for us #Hendall shippers, we’re going to assume it was Mr. Styles.

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