He’s a music star! Kevin Quinn has been focused on his solo music career.

His debut EP It’s About Time was released on Friday, January 14. The singer, 24, told J-14 exclusively that the title track was inspired by “deep thoughts and introspection on my own mortality” paired with his ideas about “the fragility of life.”

“Making music in general, it’s just something I have been doing for as long as I can remember,” he explained. “Even before it actually became a career and a thing, I was doing it. So, it didn’t feel like there was a clear point when I was like, ‘Oh, OK, now my music career has started.'”

Disney Channel Star Kevin Quinn to Release Debut EP 'It's About Time': What We Know So Far
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Kevin released his first-ever single, “Wildfire” in August 2021, and has been focused on music ever since.

“When we decided to release ‘Wildfire’ as the debut single, I think it was clear that that was going to bridge the gap between what I had done on A Week Away, prior to releasing that song, and then what was coming next,” he recalled. “There’s a time and a place for every song. I don’t have a favorite song or a least favorite song. Each song lives on its own and is representative of where you are at or what you want to express to your fans at that time, and I felt like ‘Wildfire’ was the perfect antidote for what we were looking for.

The musician is also down to return for a sequel to Netflix’s breakout film A Week Away.

“In all seriousness, I feel like A Week Away was such a good opportunity for me to grow as an actor,” Kevin told J-14 while promoting his debut EP It’s About Time. “I’ve only led two films and one of them was, you know, it was a great experience, but I needed that first film to do something a little bit more of a bigger deal, like A Week Away on Netflix. So, I would love to see the character grow.”

The musical movie premiered on the streaming service in March 2021 and starred Kevin alongside Bailee Madison, whom he called “one of the talented actresses” he’s ever worked with.

“She’s wildly talented and mature for the age that she is,” the “Wildfire” singer continued. “I love that girl. I do.”

Is Bailee Madison and Kevin Quinn's 'A Week Away' Getting a Sequel? What We Know

Both stars have fielded questions about a possible sequel, to which Kevin told J-14, that he would “absolutely” return. The Disney Channel alum would love to “the acting even deeper” in a second film.

“Let’s see a different side of him, or he’s older now,” he said about a possible story line for his character. “Looking back pre-pandemic when I was 22 shooting A Week Away, there’s just so much growth that happens in these late-teen, early-20s years. He’s the same character, but he’s gonna be like a more mature, grown-up version. I’d love to see that in the writing.”

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