Onward and upward! Kiernan Shipka is continuing to nab major Hollywood roles after starring as Sabrina Spellman in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

The actress made her TV debut in 2007 with a starring role as Sally Draper in Mad Men, a show which Kiernan said changed her life “in every way possible.”

“Physically, I would not be here; I don’t think I would be anywhere near here,” she told U.K.’s Stylist in March 2019 of the role. “I truly have no idea what kind of person I would be without it because it was so formative. It’s where I learned that I really, really loved acting, and watching everyone work was amazing.”

Once the TV show came to an end in 2015, Kiernan already had other acting credits under her belt. But, she became a household name after being cast as Sabrina in the Netflix series. The Illinois native noted to Rolling Stone in January 2020 that there are “actually a lot of similarities” between her most famous roles — Sally and Sabrina.

“They’re both a bit sassy, and don’t put up with things that don’t sit right with them, and they’re both very independent thinkers,” Kiernan explained to the magazine. “Sabrina’s life is obviously a bit more wild, but I think at the core, both of them are good people. And whole people. I really feel lucky that the parts that I’ve been able to play have been very fully-realized, fleshed-out female characters. Sally had so much depth to her. And I feel like Sabrina has so much depth to her. I’ve just been really lucky that I’ve fallen into these female-forward shows. Truly, it’s made me a better person. The fact that I’ve gotten to play these two very different but very badass characters has shaped me a lot.”

As Chilling Adventures of Sabrina came to an end, it was announced that Kiernan would be starring in the series Swimming With Sharks. Now that she has all these new roles under her belt, the actress is looking forward to the future.

“I’ve realized that you can’t really plan anything too specific in this industry, because it’s all so unpredictable,” Kiernan explained to Byrdie in February 2022. “But on the other hand, you can create your own opportunities and develop your own projects. That is definitely something I’m interested in doing because I am so about that aspect of having control. I have a writing partner, and who knows when it will all work out where we’re in the same place and to sit down and actually finish something. But that’s definitely on the books for the future, for sure.”

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