Kinley is just getting started! The former XOMG POP! member just released her debut single, “Heart Beats,” on February 2, 2024, and the fun new track is all about her growth as an artist. Keep reading to learn more about Kinley, how she got her start and more here.

Who Is Kinley?

Kinley is a 13-year-old artist from Los Angeles, who had a knack for performing at a super young age! Starting in the dance studio when she was just two years old, she won two national titles by the time she was only 9.

In 2021, Kinley appeared on JoJo Siwa‘s competition show Siwa’s Dance Pop Revolution, successfully winning a spot in JoJo’s tween girl pop group XOMG POP! with whom she recorded an EP, two albums, and performed around the country.

“I started dance at two years old, doing literally all styles, and then started in competition dance when I was around five. I’ve been competing since then,” she told Girls Life in December 2021, before explaining how she got her start with XOMG POP!

“Then, I auditioned for Siwas Dance Pop Revolution. I’ve been a JoJo fan my entire life — I had a JoJo birthday party when I was younger and I actually had a dance solo to her song ‘Hold the Drama’ — so I was so excited. I auditioned and found out I made it, went through the entire show process and then I made it into XOMG POP! and I was so, so excited. I really found myself on the show as a performer and an entertainer.”

Kinley Releases Debut Single ‘Heart Beats’

The young star dropped “Heart Beats” on February 2, 2024, which was written and produced by Alisan Porter and Ely Weisfeld. This serves as Kinley’s first musical drop as a solo artist.

In a press release, Kinley said of the single, “‘Heart Beats’ is a relatable song of self-empowerment that will speak to anyone who has ever been in a one-sided relationship whether with a friend, a business arrangement, or a romantic partner.  No one should ever feel defined by the love or attention of another, and that as difficult as it might be to walk away from a toxic relationship you have invested in, you will survive.  Your heart beats on its own.”

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