XOMG POP! is getting into the Christmas spirit with their new EP, Santa! The holiday record was released Friday, November 17, and includes Christmas classics we know and love such as “Jingle Bells” and “Little St. Nick,” along with a brand new festive tune written by Meghan Trainor.

The girls sat down with J-14, where they spoke about their favorite tracks from the EP, working with Meghan, and of course, their mentor (and creator!) JoJo Siwa, who they describe is like their “big sister.” Keep reading for our exclusive interview.

In case you’re new here, XOMG POP! is a girl group formed through the 2021 TV competition titled Siwa Dance Pop Revolution, where JoJo and her mom, Jessalynn Siwa, assembled the next big thing in the music industry. The current lineup of XOMG POP! includes Brooklynn Pitts, Dallas Skye Gatson, Tamara “Tinie T” Andreasyan and most recently added member, Penelope LeMieux.

“We have a lot of songs on our EP, but I think all of our favorites might be Jingle Bells,” Tinie T says of their fav song from the new EP. “There’s a lot of different moments in the song. There’s a breakdown, there’s a rap. There’s a really fun chorus. And that’s my favorite song.”

For Brooklyn, filming the music video for “Little St. Nick” was super memorable, as some of the extras on set were their own friends IRL!

“The way it turned out was amazing,” Tiny T added. “The camera and the effects and all the parts. When it all came together, it looked really, really cool.”

As for what it was like to work with Meghan, a.k.a. “Mother” herself, XOMG POP! had nothing but praise for the iconic songstress.  “Whenever we’re in the studio and we’re recording with her, she just has so much energy,” Brooklyn gushed. “She’ll be like, ‘Get it girl!’ after every take.”

“We had to record two songs, but she always has little snacks prepared for us as well,” Tine T recalled. “And she’s so nice and welcoming — and her baby’s also really cute!”

The members of XOMG POP!, who are all between the ages of 10 and 13, also expressed their love for “mentor” JoJo Siwa.

“I think we see Jojo as a big sister, but also as a mentor,” Tinie T began. “I mean, still to this day, to think that JoJo, we know Jojo Siwa, she’s our choreographer, and we see her a lot in rehearsals and stuff, it’s still crazy to think that we’re always in the same room with her. I still can’t believe it.”

Penelope echoed her fellow groupmate’s sentiment, sharing similar feelings of disbelief.

“I know when I found out I was going to work with Jojo Siwa, I was like, ‘This is not real,'” Penelope said. “But now I’m here with you guys and it’s been really fun.”

Listen to XOMG POP!’s EP Santa, which is available on all music platforms, out now.

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