Warning: spoilers ahead. If you’re like us, then you’ve probably already binged 10 episodes of Netflix series XO, Kittyand you probably have a few questions after *that* season finale!

The Netflix spinoff from the world of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before follows Kitty (played by Anna Cathcart) as she transfers to a South Korean high school to surprise her long-distance boyfriend. However, things definitely don’t go as planned as she finds out he is in a rather suspicious relationship with a girl named Yuri (played by Gia Kim) — whom she soon catches feelings for!

Keep reading for what Anna has said on Kitty’s sexuality, details on Yuri and Kitty’s relationship and more.

What Has Anna Cathcart Said About Kitty’s Sexuality In ‘XO, Kitty’?

ICYMI, Kitty’s trip to South Korea to reunite with boyfriend Dae (played by Choi Min-yeong) does not go as expected. After enrolling in KISS University, the school that Dae attends, Kitty discovers that he is in a fake public relationship with Yuri, a wealthy socialite who is attempting to clear up rumors (that are very much true) that she is in a relationship with a girl named Juliana (Regan Aliyah).

Throughout the season, Yuri and Kitty get closer, leading into an unexpected romantic storyline between the two. The romance is something that Anna says that she’s is “very proud of,” she told People Magazine.

“She’s learning to be honest with herself and be honest with the people around her,” the To All the Boys star said of her character. “Which is something that’s very difficult to do in many situations, at many stages of your life — but especially while you’re growing up, and when you’re in high school, and when there’s so many different pressures and different things that are overwhelming.”

The Canadian actress revealed that for Kitty to not only admit and honor her feelings, but to “be accepted by the people that she loves,” is something that is “so special to see” on screen.

“I’m really excited that we explore that type of storyline, and that we have that form of representation in our show,” she added to the outlet.

What Has the ‘XO, Kitty’ Cast Said About Kitty’s Sexuality?

“I had never seen [a] queer Asian queen bee [represented in media] before,” Gia admitted in an interview with Her Campus. “She’s such a new type of character … As an Asian girl, I’ve watched many K-dramas but it’s still not that common to see a queer person on screen in Asian or Korean content.”

Choi Min-yeong spoke about the importance of XO, Kitty‘s queer storyline in an interview with Variety, specifically for a conservative country such as South Korea.

“In Korea, LGBTQ culture is not even talked [about] and known,” he explained. “I want people to just know and think about it … Keep the conversation happening.”

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