Landon Barker is getting real with fans.

The eldest son of Travis Barker revealed he has Tourette syndrome after he was asked about it during a Q&A he posted on his Instagram stories in March 2024.

“Hi guys!” Landon said in a video reposted to TikTok. “I figured I’d speak on this eventually. But yeah, I actually do have very, very minor Tourette’s.”

According to the Tourette Association of America, “Tourette Syndrome is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects children, adolescents and adults. The condition is characterized by sudden, involuntary movements and/or sounds called tics. Tics can range from mild/inconsequential to moderate and severe, and are disabling in some cases.”

The social media star said he’s had the condition for as long as he can remember.

“I’ve had it since I can remember, like preschool,” he clarified. “I remember exactly ’cause a teacher used to accuse me of rolling my eyes at her. Because one of tics was like that. It was like a weird thing I do with my eyes.”

Landon also explained that some of his “more common” tics are head jerking and specific jaw movements.

“Yeah, it really just acts up in nervous situations and nerve-racking environments for me,” he revealed. “But I thought I’d just share because why not?”

Landon’s honest confession comes two years after he shared to his followers that he suffers from “derealization.”

He shared to his followers via Instagram Stories at the time, writing, “My derealization has been really bad and I just wanna come on here and tell everyone your [sic] not alone and we are all imperfect in our own ways,” he wrote “I love you guys. #mentalhealthawareness.”

According to a post on the Mayo Clinic’s website, “Depersonalization-derealization disorder occurs when you persistently or repeatedly have the feeling that you’re observing yourself from outside your body or you have a sense that things around you aren’t real, or both,” the website states. “Feelings of depersonalization and derealization can be very disturbing and may feel like you’re living in a dream.”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 04: (FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY) Landon Barker attends the 66th GRAMMY Awards at Arena on February 04, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images) Getty Images

Landon later revealed that his derealization started as “a bad habit with alcohol,” during an interview with People Magazine in October 2023.

“I was abusing [alcohol[ and just abusing that substance, and then one day it just shocked me, and I had gone through that for months. It was awful, and I went through heightened OCD, heightened ADHD and heightened anxiety, all while disassociating and feeling like I was in a video game. I was watching my whole entire life through a movie screen. It was honestly awful. I always love to spread awareness about suicide and talk about it.

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