She’s back and better than ever! That’s right, Laura Marano just dropped a new single called “When You Wake Up,” and we cannot stop listening to it!

But wait, what’s it about? Was it inspired by anyone in her real life? And most importantly — does the Austin & Ally star have any plans to release more music?! Not to worry, people, because we just caught up with the former Disney actress, and she spilled all the tea on the brand new track and her upcoming music, so get excited!

J-14: Tell us about “When You Wake Up” What’s it about?

Laura Marano: “When You Wake Up” is about being with someone who keeps promising they’ll change, but they never do. At a certain point, you realize you just have to walk away.

J-14: Was it inspired by anyone or anything in your real life?

Laura: Yes, actually! It was inspired by more of a professional relationship that I was really frustrated with.

J-14: Is it nerve-wracking to release something so personal to you?

Laura: Oh for sure! There are some songs I haven’t released because they’re too personal. At the same time, I like releasing personal songs as well because those songs are usually the ones people connect to the most.

J-14: What’s your writing process like?

Laura: It’s a little different every time I write, but I usually come up with lyrics first. I love telling stories.

J-14: Any plans to release any more music? Maybe an album?

Laura: Yes! I have so much more music coming this year, which I’m beyond excited about!

J-14: What about a tour? Any plans to hit the road?

Laura: Well, I did before all of this craziness happened, so I of course am waiting for the world to be as safe as possible before I go on the road, but I can’t wait until I get to go!

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