It’s clear that lack of freedom and creativity is one of the many factors that drove out Camila Cabello from Fifth Harmony, but it is interesting to see how the other girls reacted to the setbacks and rules, if you will, of being a part of a group project. Well now, Lauren Jauregui is speaking out about her inability to unleash her artistry as a member of the band. You see, it’s not that she, Ally Brooke Hernandez, Dinah Jane Hansen and Normani Kordei were blind to being held back, in a way. They just decided to stick together and overcome it, rather than go their separate ways. Totally understandable in our eyes.

The singer said in an interview, “I had to shut down my creative side because we weren’t really allowed to create. I was kind of in this cycle of just ‘do.’ I started to wake up and be like ‘there’s so much more to life.’ I really broke out of that box and was like, ‘I’m gonna do me, I’m gonna be me and will keep doing that.'”

After cranking out song after song of music written by other people, the remaining four girls of 5H are now in much more control. It appears that they think sticking together was totally ~worth it~. They even co-wrote a lot of their new album!

“The creative flow just kind of comes when you do that and on this album, all four of us were able to. We all went through a transformative moment where we got connected with ourselves and really woke up. We were like, ‘Okay, we need to be happy. We need to sing.’ We have a song called ‘Bridges’ on the album that alludes to everything [in the world] going on right now and how we feel about it. It’s a really powerful message of positivity.”

Even though they decided to come together and prevail, they aren’t trying to shade Camila in any way for leaving. Earlier this week, Lauren spoke out about wanting to move on from the drama after repeatedly being asked about Camila. They have better things to promote like, we don’t know, their album – duh!

“We’re all artists – we’re not here for stupid back-and-forth drama,” Lauren said. “We said our piece, it’s in the past and we’re moving forward, that’s the narrative we want to give.”

That’s our girl!

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