Lauren Jauregui made the brave, honest, beautiful choice to publicly come out as bisexual back in November of 2016 in a powerful open letter she wrote and of course the Fifth Harmony fandom and so many others totally embraced her. As they rightfully should of course! It's been months since she publicly declared that she's proudly a "bisexual Cuban-American woman," and obviously this was a big change for her. Since then, her life has only gotten better and she's nothing but happy.

"It’s hard to accept yourself when you live in a world where nobody is like you, or you feel like nobody is like you because there’s no representation. For me, coming into my own and being comfortable with myself really changed me as a person. And made me more confident and vibrant," Lauren said in an interview with The Sun.

This decision has not only had such a positive affect on Lauren's life, but to the lives of many of her fans. Her choice to be so pen and honest has inspired them as well.

"A bunch of my fans have come up to me and said, 'because of you and because you came out, I have finally begun to accept myself.' That is infinitely incredible for me. I didn’t expect to get to the point where I would own up to it within myself," she said.

That truly is so special and the bond between Lauren and her fans is clearly so powerful. Her fans rallied behind her when before she publicly came out, photos of the starlet kissing her then-girlfriend Lucy Vives circulated online at a wedding, letting her know that they were so not happy her privacy was invaded in this way. It just so happened that later in that week was when Lauren decided to share her sexual orientation with the world, but that proved to truly be the best decision for her. You go, girl.

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