During a recent appearance on Logan Paul‘s “ImPaulsive” podcast, YouTube sensation Lele Pons revealed that she was kidnapped at 5 years old while living in Venezuela before moving to the United States.

“I’ve been kidnapped before and I survived,” she said. Then, Logan recalled hearing the story before, when the two had first met, and asked her to tell it again.

“I saw you and I was like, ‘I love America, it’s so amazing.’ Remember, when I first met you? I was like, ‘I love LA, it’s so amazing,'” the 24-year-old remembered, before sharing the reason she had to leave Venezuela. “I had to leave because I was kidnapped and stuff. But yeah.”

Then Lele went on to say that she “doesn’t remember” the entire situation, but assured Logan that she still loves America and “everybody here.” Although she has a limited memory about the kidnapping, since she was so young, the social media star did offer some more details about the past experience.

“They just wanted money. My grandfather owns tractors, a lot of tractors in Venezuela,” she explained. “They wanted to kidnap me and my mom for money. They wanted money. They kidnapped us but they crashed into a tree. There was a village and we were able to escape. I don’t remember, but this is what my mom told me.”

Following the incident, Lele said her family “left right away the next day and didn’t come back” to Venezuela until she was 13 years old.

As fans know, this isn’t the first time fans have gotten an inside look into Lele’ life. Her kidnapping story came a few months after she released the “raw” and “unfiltered” docuseries, The Secret Life Of Lele Ponswhich surrounded her mental health struggles, relationship with her father and living with OCD and Tourette’s syndrome.

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