In April 2018, Brooklyn Beckham was spotted out with musician Lexy Panterra for the first time, and ultimately, their relationship turned into a whirlwind summer romance. Unfortunately, the 29-year-old musician is now singing a different tune, revealing that she and Brooklyn are never ever get back together. Like, ever.

In a recent interview on The Dominick Nati Show, the singer, who’s 10 years Brooklyn’s senior, was asked directly whether or not she would ever consider getting back with her model ex-BF. Her response? Absolutely not.

“That’s a zero chance of us getting back together or talking,” she said.

That’s not all she revealed, though. According to Lexy, the 19-year-old has tried to contact her since their split, and while we’re not exactly sure why he reached out, it doesn’t really matter because the social media star isn’t giving him the time of day.

“He tried to reach out to me, but I’m pretty much ignoring it because there’s really nothing much to talk about or say,” she said. Yikes!

We don’t know about you, but it sounds to us like these two went through a pretty messy breakup. Unfortunately, Lexy didn’t divulge too many details about what went down when they decided to call it quits, but she did say that their long-distance relationship just wasn’t working for either of them.

“It was a long distance thing and it just wasn’t working out. He’s really young and obviously I realized that, so it just, you know, didn’t work.”

Honestly, we totally get that. 10 years is a pretty big age difference — especially when one of them is still technically a teenager. Regardless of what went down, though, Lexy didn’t really badmouth her ex. In fact, she even had some nice things to say about his famous family.

When asked whether or not she noticed any marriage problems between his parents, David and Victoria Beckham, she said, “No, I have no idea, to be honest. Everything I’ve heard on phone calls and stuff, like, they’re a pretty close family.”

Hm, sounds to us like it just didn’t work out. Oh, well!


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