If you thought Madison Beer and Brooklyn Beckham were dating, think again. Yes, we know, we know. The pair was seen kissing in a department store in Los Angeles several days ago, but that doesn’t mean they are in a committed relationship just yet. If fans remember correctly, Madison recently got out of her long term relationship with Jack Gilinsky. The whole thing blew up after an audio tape was leaked of Jack getting super aggressive with her. As it turns out, this, unfortunately, had been the norm and their relationship wasn’t as picture perfect as everyone thought.

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Now that Madison is single, she definitely has her eye on other guys including Brooklyn. But, for now, they are just flirting and hanging out. Talking at AOL Build, she said, “I’ve known Brooklyn for years, we’ve been really close and as we’ve gotten older, and I’m newly out of a relationship, we’re definitely like crushing on each other, but we’re both very very busy.”

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She also didn’t forget to add in there that she’s “very much single” at the moment. So, the take away here? Obviously, they like each other. But, because things got so rocky at the end of Madison’s old relationship with Jack she’s not trying to settle down again anytime soon.

We’ll just chalk this up to a casual friendly hook up. But, to be honest, there’s definitely a part of us that wants to see these two together again. Talk about HOT!

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