There was a time when Liam Gallagher absolutely LIVED for a celeb feud, but these days he seems to be a lot more of a peace-loving kinda guy (except when it comes to Noel obvs.)

This morning, he took to Twitter to nip any beef with Liam Payne in the bud.

The Sun on Sunday published a interview with the Oasis star at the weekend, where Liam G went IN on Liam P.

While heaping praise on Harry Styles, he made a quip about the direction LP's solo career seems to be taking.

He said: "I can spot a fake a mile off and Harry Styles seems like he wants to bring real music and change his direction." Ah, nice.

He then stuck the boot in to Liam P's debut single, "Strip That Down," adding: "At least he’s not gone rap like the other one. How did that happen? Did they flip a coin and he said, ‘Listen, I’m doing the rap one.'"


But there's no hard feelings on Liam G's part as he tweeted: "Liam shall never kill liam as you were LG LP x" Naaaaaaaaaw.

This post was written by Katy Brent. It originally appeared on our sister site, Heat.

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