Fans of One Direction would like to think that the boys don't pick favorites and they are all best friends, but Liam Payne just proved that wrong when he admitted who he likes the best. Was it Harry Styles? Could it have been Louis Tomlinson? Or Niall Horan? OMG, do I even dare bring up the possibility that Liam could have Zayn Malik was his favorite member of the band? Okay, don't freak out it wasn't Zayn. But, the "Bedroom Floor" singer did actually reveal who his fave person in the boy band was, but it may have all been circumstantial.

Let us explain. Liam chatted with Capital FM at their Jingle Bell Ball about everything Christmas. But, Nialler was actually hanging out with the same crew the previous day and decided to take things upon himself. He was the one that asked Liam that question. LOL! Liam's response? Before even answering, he tried to do the best Niall accent that he could which obviously brought out all the laughs.

He said, "I'm going to have to say Niall, because, of course, he pushed me into that alone. I can't really say anything else…I actually did a thing one time when I copied all the fans and did like a Mrs. Horan page and changed my whole Twitter to Mrs. Horan. I kept taking pictures of me like, 'Oh my god, Niall's here.'…So I can honestly say Niall and I've been a fan for a long time."

Well, there you have it. This isn't the only instance that Liam has fangirled over his former bandmate either. Over the summer, Liam was backstage at the Summertime Ball and said of the "Slow Hands" singer, "I mean obviously there's going to be a lot of fangirling going on. I saw him when he did the Ariana [Grande] gig the other day which was amazing, I think he did so well. And the way he's handling it all at the moment I mean going out to these big audiences isn't easy so it's nice to see, I know myself it's amazing so hats off, if I had a hat on, it would be off."

This friendship is what dreams are made of. If we had to guess though, no one should be worried. Liam probably likes Harry and Louis just as much as he appreciates Niall. Promise.

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