Let’s face it, no matter how much the One Direction guys talk about the possibility of a reunion, the heartbreak of their separation is still there. The news wasn’t an easy one to swallow for fans, just as it was for the boys. Louis Tomlinson revealed in the past that hiatus news caught him off-guard, and Liam Payne is now echoing those same feelings in a new interview with The Telegraph.

Turns out for Payno, the news wasn’t just shocking but it left him feeling pretty lost in terms of what to do next with his career. He admits, “when I left the band, I felt a bit stranded. It took time, but I know as an artist I am starting fresh now. This is Moment One. It’s the start line.”

The “Get Low” singer has started completely fresh in terms of his career and personal life. Fans know of course that he and Cheryl welcomed little Bear into the world earlier this year. Though as it turns out, taking on the responsibilities of starting a family, such as taking care of someone else is something Liam already had experience with.

liam payne bear

“When something was going wrong, I’d get a phone call. If there was an apology needed, it was me. I was the spokesperson for the band, as it were, with the press and the label,” he admits. Looks like fans were completely right in calling him the responsible one.

Needless to say, Payno always felt much older than Niall, Louis, and Harry – despite them all being around the same age. So when they were all grouped together on the X-Factor, it’s pretty safe to say that Liam was less than thrilled about it. He admits, “I’ve always been a bit of an older soul.”

“I was put with a group of rowdy teenagers, and when I was a teenager, I had mates, but I was always with my dad. I’d go out to the pub and chat with him. So when I was stuck with these boys I was thinking, “F— me, I don’t know how to do it,” he continued to say. Clearly that feeling didn’t last long, seeing as the guys are the best of buds to this day.

one direction dancing

There is one thing the “Strip That Down” singer wishes he had been able to with the guys when 1D was at its peak, and that’s enjoy all of their achievements. He admits, “one of the problems was that we never stopped to celebrate what we’d done. I remember us winning loads of American Music Awards and then having to get on a plane straight away. It got to the point where success was so fluid. I don’t even know what happened to our songs, we just sang them, then sang some more. It was like a proper, hard job. Non-stop.”

Now that the guys have gone off in their solo directions, they can enjoy their success all while supporting one another too. It’s not a reunion, but the love between the boys is enough to tie fans over until they’re back together belting out all the hits.

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